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A DAY OF HEALING for the Avitto, Copeland & Capers families 2014 A DAY OF HEALING for the Avitto, Copeland & Capers families 2014 UNBUNTU! I am because we are. 195607604 The facilatators: Jerry Abernathy Pres. PADA Inc and Vincent Riggins Pres. BLC holding the t-shrts presented to the families 195607599 195607600 Photo opp with Charle Barron Unity In The Community 195607601 Makayla Capers Receiving a citation from the Eric Adams 195607602 Mikayla's family 195607609 Congressmen H. Jeffries Sponsored the "PJ" bill that will allow NYCHA to apply for federal funding for enhance security upgrades. 195607610 Group Avitto and Copeland Each family received $500 plus t-shirts to the immediate family. 195607611 Justice fo Tanaya Vincent Riggins & Jerry Abernathy presenting a plaque to Rochelle Copeland, Tanaya's mom. 195607612 ENY Memorial Tournament director and staff presented in memory of PJ. 195607613 The cure! Enjoy the Rise! 206363035 206363036 The Caravan 2020 Assembly member Charles Barron 60th Dist, Regina Kinsey Friends of St. John's Park 206363037 Linden Park aka Sonny Carson All kind of healthy activity for healthy living. 206363038 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. The most successful Congressmen in American History. 206363039 The Caravan Grace Play Ground 2020 Vincent Riggins Pres. Brite Leadership Coalition Bro, Paul Mohammad Mosque 7C, Protocol minister. Also partner Co-Chairs for Community Board #5 "Public Safety Committee/Quality of Life" 206363040 Refurbished the kids play area A complete paint job! 206363041 True American=African American history 206363042 Dept Comm. of Parks Liam Kavanagh Jessica Franco Chair of Education CB #5 206363043 206363044 The Caravan Harriet Hines -The Parrade Grounds friends of Parks 206363045 206363046 206363047 206363048 206363049 The whu Clan 206363050 206363051 206363052