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The transition of 

Mary Katherine Riggins​

We would like to acknowledge and inform the members and community of the transition of Katherine Riggins co-founder of Brite Leadership Coalition. (in partnership with her son and grandson Vincent Riggins and Vincent Riggins ll}. Because of her daring courageous loving spirit for God, family and  community she has planted seeds in this realm that will continue to grow and promote integrity, unity, civic activism and social engagement. On December 29, 2020 at the age of 93 she gave up the body to be in the presence of the Lord. 

The family would like to offer this thank you to the members, supporters, coalition partners and all the folks for their presence, prayers, gifts, condolences, emotional and joyful reflections in celebration of  Mom's life.

Continued Blessing for you and your family

2019 African American History to be included in the mainstream curriculum.

bill S1135 have acceptable language. This bill did not get passed out of both houses. 

Vincent Riggins BLC Pres.

Scott Stringer NYC Comptroller

Karen Caldwell

TA Pres Pink Houses 

Held right in the heart of ENY 2015


Families of Starrett

9/2017 - 2/2018


Community health walk -

live entertainment!

Sen. Roxanne Persaude 19 Dist

Assemblymember Latrice Walker 55th AD

BLC Friends of Parks Volunteer Clean-up Caravan 2021-2023

A ten-member friend of parks group in response to the budget cuts to the NYC Dept of Parks and 1700 personal layoffs.

If you or your neighbors are interested in adopting a park near where you live, we will help you

 get started and support your initial event or clean-up.